Who we are

Our Mission

At Doidoi, we believe that it is fundamental that everyone should have access to the best available products on the market. A healthy lifestyle and a radiant skin should be accessible for anyone regardless of background. We do not just talk, we go out of our way to make it a realisation for all and sundry.

We aim to support people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by offering a great selection of high-quality items such as: beauty products, nutritional supplements, cosmetic ingredients and many other special items. Our products are diversified, complete, luxurious, contemporary and suitable for the entire family. Most importantly, our products are scientifically based. With each item, we are committed to offer the highest value at the best rate.

Our mission is simple and clear: provide quality products that supports your well-being without damaging your finances. We are staunch believers in equity, affordability, and ready access to the best cosmetic products for all. In that regard, our products are of the highest quality and yet very affordable.

Our Promise

Our curiosity and innovation are never settling. Every day we are working on new products to add into our line and make life better and enjoyable for everyone. We keep tabs on every new and trending tide in the skincare niche to continue releasing products that are in touch with contemporary lifestyles. We know, with the right products, everyone can be beautiful. Our products, principles and values aim at letting your inner beauty shining from the outside.
With the help of specialists in the field, we ensure to offer you products from trust-worthy, sustainable sources, ethical both towards humans, animals and ultimately safe towards the environment. We envision a world where skin beauty is not a luxury and release products that augment the need for a safe and sustainable environment.

Through transparency and ethical business practices, our vision is to become the platform with the most loyal and satisfied customers. We draw our brand pride and success from the long and growing list of happy and satisfied customers. Your smile of satisfaction is our stamp of approval and we can only keep growing from strength to the next with you.

What makes us special

Our Love for Humans

We believe that our customers are more than some strangers who are visiting our website to buy our products. No. We believe that they are more than that, which is why our approach is quite unique. We thrive to understand the deepest needs and concerns of our customers; we work hard and focus to offer a memorable positive experience for everyone. We believe that by treating our customers with a compassionate attitude and fairness, nothing can go wrong, which is why our main performance indicator is the customer satisfaction. In our company, we measure success in the number of satisfied customers.

Our Love for Nature

We pride ourselves on making ethical decisions and finding new, greener methods. We have reduced our carbon footprint by over 56%. We constantly search for greener alternatives such as recycled packaging materials. We take pride in partnering only with companies sharing our high level of respect and care for the environment. Our proven behaviors make us one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the UK.


What Our Customers Say

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